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Friday, 17 August 2012

Thinking back into the past, and looking forward to whatever future there might be..

     Today is going to be a beautiful day. My daughter is coming to see Ray and I. She comes  from Toronto. I look back into my life and thank God for my daughter and my sons. They are 3 of the most important people in my life,
     In my own generation, being a mother was using all sorts of love, including "tough love". That was when the children were growing up. Now that they are adults, being a mom is being a loving friend, supporting them with wisdom and thoughts, when asked, and learning to keep quiet when not asked.
    Through it all, what have I learned? That I don't have all the answers, on an upper level, but that I need to consult with Spirit, who dwells within. What or where is "within" you ask?
   I think "within" is that place where we can go to find our inner strength,  It is a place we find when we seek the quiet of nature, or the inner channels of creativity, gentle music, and peace. "Within" is our connection to our higher power, that god given gift which dwells within all of us.

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