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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Each person is a gift, to someone.

Tonight I received insight into the people at a meeting we had. I loved the gifts of spirit which all of us gave and shared freely. I realized that when we dislike a person, one reason could be that the person displays some qualities we possess within our own selves, that we don't like.


  1. If each person is a gift, then I'd like to wear bright red packaging with white polka dots, and tons of glitter and ribbons:) :) :) Oh, sorry, that's what I wear anyway, (grin).

    I agree, in most cases, it is a reflection of what is 'negative' about ourselves, that we respond to in others with dislike, or rebuke. But I also think, it's a reflection of defensiveness, that we are often instinctive to a venerable part of ourselves, and recognize that the individual that we 'dislike' may actually be perceived as a threat in some way. Jealousy can also come into play in a negative reaction, that if the 'disliked' person doesn't respond to us in the way we would wish, then they're 'disliked'.

    Personally, I like most people, and for me to personally dislike someone, I try to only use the reasons of personal injury as a basis, or a general injury to others. We are all far to much individual's ourselves to dislike others in a general way. And if we try to remember that we're all individuals then it's easier to accept differences. Matter of fact, embrace the differences! It makes life far more interesting!!!!

    (And thank you DorisMae for the referral on your blog listing:) Much, much appreciated! oxox

  2. Thanks for your comment Denise. I agree, that to accept individulas as they are is easier than to gender up "dislike". I am wrsetling with my feelings towards one individual, who I think is very selfish, who uses people for her own advantage, and who cannot be a team player. She seems to be a control freak.I have lost trust in her, and she has allowed a group of people to attempt to hurt me. Mind you, I set up my borders very firmly, and with clarity.However, she keeps popping into my life, and I prefer that she didn't. I want to learn how to neutralize my feelings so that I do not generate the (grrr)energy which probably keeps her coming.

  3. My coping mechanism is visualization.
    Invision a clock or a calendar. And each moment of crisis, negative experience, or encounters with someone or one's that is negative, remember the clock or calendar, ticking away, or marking the days, of just how much expected life we have left to live. Gain the perspective, that does this person, item, circumstance, thing really truly matter to you. Prioritize! If things, people, or individuals really don't matter, then don't place importance on the time it takes or the resources it takes to deal with it or them. That doesn't mean that they don't have a role in your world, or exist, or bother you, it just means they aren't important. Then focus on who, or what is:) I've had the feeling for years now that 'the clock is ticking' hence why I'm creating art and a gluten for learning different art mediums, as it was always deemed less important due to 'others' demands in my life. Now, my lines are drawn, clock is ticking, and I've never before been more happy, and enjoyed the 'chosen' important people I've surrounded myself with in my life:)

  4. I like this visualization idea. To place a difficult person at a great distance on my horizon is to take away the power I was giving them. I've placed white light around them and they are now only a pinprick on the horizon. Thank you for such a great idea Denise. Hope you work out the kinks in protecting yourself from the scammers. My thoughts are always with you.

  5. Patrick Overton wrote; "When you have come to the edge of all light that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly." I think we break through the thought barriers that kept us solidly in one position, when we receive some kind of shock, which sets all our thoughts scurrying, sometimes the old ideas we had are cast aside to make room for new and better ones. Maybe that is what Patrick meant about flying. I love to fly.