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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Tale of Spirit

Spirit talks to us all, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes in thoughts. Othertimes with intuition, perceptions and always with love.  Have you any thoughts on how Spirit speaks to you?
Music, art, nature, all are mediums of Spirit, sometimes used and abused, but when given with honesty and love, Spirit can bring such joy.

My friend Denise has the Spirit of creativity active in her mind and what wonderful art emerges from her very agile brain.


  1. Brilliant my Dear:)
    I'm thrilled to be first to 'follow' and comment on your new blog!
    It looks beautiful! Well done!!!!! I'll post on my Facebook page a referral. We'll get you moving:) :) :)
    Love ya!

  2. Glad to know that I'm not 'brain dead', (grin). You are a wonderful positive source in my life Doris Mae, and I always strive to be as positive as you are in your life. You have always been a mentor to me, and the dearest of friends. And as we both know, there's some other connection that we keep 'lighting' upon:) :) :)
    Connie the Kitchen Conure's Mum, (grin)

  3. Dennise, (Nini) you are the world's most playful creative kid again, after so many years having to bring up your parents. Good for you, and WHAT A KID!!!!! Your work is beyond comparison. Many blessings and love to you.

  4. My sweet DorisMae - I loved your book, and related closely to so many of the chapters and stories...particularly your discussion on dis-ease! And I'm so sorry we contacted again, only to be separated by distance. You are an angel!

  5. It has been some time since I checked into my blog. It is amazing how life gets in the way of good intentions. My daughter Laura Luz has a wonderful blog and published an article on reaction versus thoughtful use of our observer.
    Since talking to you all, I have been writing a host of stories and poems, have been travelling into the states and have been gardening at home. My life is tranquil, I am loved and have a husband, family and friends as well as my tiny poodle Ginny to love.What more can a perdson ask?

  6. Today we had thunder like I've never heard it before. I thought it was coming right through the roof! My little dog was quivering and jumped into my arms and my husband called "Are you all right?" Nature can sure make herself known whenever she wants. Wow! Please check my blog and make yourself known to us at www.ataleofspirit.blogspot.com
    Matti, please try again and thank you.

  7. Today the computer I have is being very uncooperative.It asks me many questions and then stalls and stalls and stalls. The email address I have seem to be all balled up and confused. I did get one set right after many delays. I checked Kapersky and he says all is well, so since I'm technically challenged, I think I'll go for a walk with Ginny, my wee poodle, and enjoy the fresh air.Hope you all are having a great day.

  8. Today I thought of a story I wrote about a young man who resided in a facility for SEVERELY handicapped men. At the time I was contracted to give music programs, facilities like the one he was in were still very backward, and going there each week was like visiting the back wards of mental institutions in the early 1900's. The story is titled, "At The End of A Rainbow". I'm sure it will move you to read of this man's battle to remain in a body and mind so ravaged by uncontrollable spasms, his life had become limited to being completely in the care of others. His story will be included in my second book, "More Tales of Spirit." I'm also working on another book of fiction (based on fact) and I'll tell you more about it next blog.

  9. Excerpts from "At The End of A Rainbow".......

    When I entered the ward, most of the men had been put to bed, except for a few who were allowed to remain sitting by their beds.

    Raoul was moving wildly and making those loud peculiar sounds. Raoul was a fairly large, thin man with dark curly hair, and dark skin. His long face was handsome in repose, but continually contorted in small spasms. His bed was at the very far end on the ward.

    Initially I wondered if the music was bothering him, and asked the one of the nursing staff about him.
    “Don’t worry about Raoul,” the nurse had responded, “he’s just being himself. That’s the way he is all day.”..................(a description of the music session), then,

    Finally I was back where I started and it was Raoul’s turn. He was always at the beginning and end of our music sessions. The good bye song was a very special song which I loved and had saved for him. I hoped all of them who listened might enjoy it. The hour was up. (To be continued)

    I hope you will enjoy Raoul's story.

  10. It's been quite awhile since I visited my own blog. A Tale of Spirit seems to have come to a resting place. Although I think the book helps people to get to know their own internal Spirit, which is in each person, despite what the naysayers admonish us to disbelieve, Spirit is very much alive and well within a great number of people. Sometimes, when life gets tough, Spirit and God are the only facets of life we can trust.